exploring the road less travelled.




Content creation


2023 - on going

brand campaigns & storytelling.

In partnership with Alltricks X Mercedes-Benz cycling team, Nevis literally took to the road to shoot one of the new sports-oriented vehicle options developed by Mercedes.

The alpine photoshoot encompassed sports, product and atmosphere images. Brand campaigns and storytelling around extreme sports goals were created in line with Mercedes’ premium image.

Finally, our knowledge of endurance sports and cycling will play a role in product development for future models.

Mixing strategy with content creation and strategy, we collaborated with in-house teams to shoot evocative images, display the product and craft inspiring stories around the new customised van option. A project that took us from our desk to the Swiss Alps and back again, with sports equipment and cameras loaded in the back.

social media campaigns.

Social media storytelling and campaigns based on the brand’s desire to grow in the endurance sports field.

content creation.

Outdoor and product photoshoot to showcase one of the new Mercedes vehicle options for sports enthusiasts.


Assistance with product development based on our extensive experience in cycling and triathlon.