Guilhem Lacaze


cycling x coffee.

Brand identity | Content creation

Social media influencers and bloggers come in all shapes, sizes and levels of authenticity. Nevis Road founder Guilhem Lacaze uses his personal platforms as a testing ground for professional projects.

Blending real-life experiences with quality content and storytelling to create an approachable online persona who not only promises performance and visibility, but also delivers. A persona that is very close to the real life person, and that both brands and audiences can relate to.

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Instagram platform.

Selecting a main communication channel to build a niche audience and communicate around road cycling, multisport projects… and coffee.

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Development of Guilhem’s “brand image” and communication strategy, evolved over time to follow the digital trends.

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Authentic photo, video and blogs that showcase Guilhem’s personality, passions and brand endorsements. Quality over quantity, always.

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Creation of a new website including a blog section to offer a display platform for partner brands and communicate with followers.

Filling the voids left by athletes, influencers, ambassadors and traditional media

Guilhem L.
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